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For all practical purposes there are no nuclear bomb shelters in the US. However there are fallout shelters, thousands of them. But they won't help anyone if a bomb detonates over their city. They will only help those in untouched cities survive a few weeks to months until fallout decays to "safe" levels. However few will know how to find one, most of the signs were removed long ago and many had their food and water removed.

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Q: How many nuclear bomb shelters are there in the us?
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Why did the US have bomb shelters in 1949?

The Cold War and nuclear arms races in the late forties through the eighties was the impetus of Americans building bomb shelters. They were convinced Russia would bomb America and they could have if Kennedy had not stopped Fidel Castro and the Russians from sending over their nuclear missiles located ninety miles from the US. Most of the bomb shelters were a joke. They never could have protected the people from the radiation in the air or from the bomb explosion.

Where were bomb shelters built?

In the 1960's bomb shelters were built in people's back yard and under houses. It was a very popular thing to do. We were all sure that at some point there would be a nuclear war between us and Russia. Cities designated subways and other places as bomb shelters. Had a nuclear war broken out all of us would have been cinders before we could get to a shelter.

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We realized how terrifying nuclear energy and weaponry was to human society. We experienced bomb drills and built bomb shelters. And there continues to be a light tension between the two nations.

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