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About 20ml for a 3 wk old kitten coz mine did and he is doing well

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2013-06-16 14:49:40
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Q: How many ml should a 3 wk old kitten eat per feed?
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How much food should a kitten eat in a day?

When first born a kitten should feed on its mothers milk for the first four weeks then your kitten will usually have three to four meals a day and plenty of fresh water.You should buy food that is made especially for kittens then you can follow that particular foods label on how to feed your kitten. These particular foods are recommended to feed to your kitten until it reaches one year old.

What should I feed a kitten that is sick and that won't eat?

If your kitten is sick and not eating, you should take her to the vet immediately. Trying to feed her different foods at home may make her sick or cause her to get food in her lungs which could kill her.

How much food should you feed a kitten daily?

You should feed a kitten 2 times a day. Morning and night, just like a human, wake up hungry eat and then eat and go to bed full. I feed my kittens wet food. One eats about 1 for 2 weeks. All together they eat about 2 cans a week.

How do you feed a kitten that wont eat?

Contact/take it to a vet.

How many ounces of formula should a feed a 3 week old kitten?

Do not feed them as much as they will eat, this puts them at risk for over eating which can cause the formula to go into their lungs and they can die. There are directions on the back of kitten formula cans: Feed 1 oz per 4 oz of body weight.

What does a kitten eat at one day old?

Cat milk! If it's an orphaned kitten, check up at your local stores (such as Walmart) for kitten milk to feed via kitten bottle.

What do hedgehogs ear?

You can feed them cat food , kitten food when younger and cat food when it gets older. Also many online store have hedgehog food just look it up. Finally they will eat mealworms,many fruits and veggies but these are considered treats and should not be feed to them daily

When do you feed kittens cat food?

I would feed them three to six times a day, depending on the age of the kitten. Kittens have very small stomachs so it is best to feed "little and often". As they get older and larger they can eat bigger meals. They should be fed kitten food until they are 1 year old and just about fully grown.

How many times should you feed a turtle a day?

Depends how many times do. They wanna eat

How many pellets should you feed your fantail goldfish and how often?

You should feed your fish as much as it can eat in 2-3 minutes twice a day.

How do you get your 7week old kitten to eat?

buy a baby bottle and use sensitive stumac baby fumula and bottle feed it

How many crickets should you feed an anole a week?

As many as it will eat within five minutes. Feed that amount every 3-4 days.

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