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about 495 minutes

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Q: How many minutes per month does the average person TALK on the cellphone?
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If you get 13 calls in one month which has 31 days is your average call per month is .419?

The numeric value is correct. 13 divided by 31 equals 0.419 (rounded to the nearest thousandth) However the label used is incorrect. Calls divided by days must yield calls per DAY. the closest correct answer is .419 calls per day. To calculate an avergage number of calls per month would typically require a larger sample of months to get a meaningful number. The most you could assert by this sample is the the average calls per month is 13 since you only have one month of data. If the following month, for example you received 23 calls, then the formula would be total number of calls (13 + 23) divided by the number of months (2) which would be 36 divided by 2 or 18 calls per month.

What is the average cost of a landline per month?

It is hard to say how much a land line costs per month now. It depends on how much you use your land line. Most people now have cell phones so they don't even use land lines.

Which mobile provider gives the most free minutes and texts?

Boost Mobile has an unlimited text and talk plan for $50 a month if you want to go prepaid cell phone coverage. Verizon is the winner, according to of the best plans by providers.

What is the average cost of an internet bill for a one bedroom apartment?

The size of the home doesn't really matter. A cable connection to the internet usually runs around $60 a month, but can vary with package deals and incentives.

How expensive is it to post a billboard advertisement along a U.S. interstate highway?

The average cost for posting a billboard on any major highway can run anywhere from $600.00 to $2,500 a month. They can even run higher depending on the size and the location.

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How many minutes in a month on average?

On average a month has 302400 minutes.

How many minutes a month does the average person talk on the phone and or cell phone?

459 minutes per month based on a survey of 65,000 subscribers.

How much time does the average person spend on facebook?

five hours and forty-six minutes a month... 11 minutes a day

How many minutes is in a month?

Since the average month is 30.42 days, the amount of minutes in a month would be around 43,800 minutes.

Average cost of a cellphone per month?

Some say about 40$ and others say 80$

How much time does the average person spend on facebook a day?

about 11 minutes a day. so that's like 5 hours and 46 minutes a month i think

What are the Average minutes per employee per month?

40 hours per week = 10,400 minutes per month

Where can I find cell phone deals offering free minutes?

You can find cellphone deals on free minutes at This site will give you information about the phones, the coverage, and the 280 free minutes every month.

How many minutes does the average cell phone customer use per month?

The average cell phone user uses around 459 minutes per month.

How much is Cricket Wireless' cheapest cellphone plan?

The cheapest cellphone program available is just $1 per day or an average of $30 a month. However, there are many carriers who will match this price now.

How long do us average people talk over the cellphone a month?

for various amount of times alls you have to do is keep a convo goin

How much electricity does the average person use per month?

Define the average person. I use about 500 units per month on average through the year.