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No records of exact numbers. Estimated at ABOUT 320 million.

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Q: How many legal guns are there in America?
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Why are guns legal in America?

Yes! it is part of our rights as a free country!

Are BB guns legal in CA?

BB guns are legal in California

Are there more illegal guns or legal guns in America?

Presumably legal. There are no solid statistics to indicate what the number of illegal guns are - it can only be estimated. Also, there are very few guns that are illegal. This would include only machine guns and destructive devices without proper paperwork. Most guns used in crime are legal to own by normal people, but in possession of what is called a "prohibited person". Felons may not possess guns, but it is the felon status that makes this a crime, not the gun.

Are blank guns legal in Philadelphia?

Is it legal tarry blank guns in Philadelphia

Are airsoft guns legal in Mentor Ohio?

yes airsoft guns are legal in OHIO

Are stun guns legal in Mississippi?

Yes, stun guns are perfectly legal in Mississippi.

Are stun guns legal in Ohio?

Yes, stun guns are perfectly legal in Ohio.

How many legal guns are there in the us?

No exact record, since there is no requirement to register guns in MOST of the US. One estimate is 312 million owned by ordinary people.There are an estimated 200 million legal guns in the United States.

Where is the cheapest air soft guns on-line in Canada?

I don't know about Canadian airsoft stores, but I know that most airsoft in North America sell Canadian-legal airsoft guns.

When was guns legalised in the US A?

Guns were legal before there WAS a USA, and have always been legal here.

Is it legal to carry guns in Greece?

nostun guns and pepper spray are legal i think but no firearms are allowed

How many guns can one person own in minnesota?

As many as they can afford. If it is legal to own one, it legal to own one hundred or one thousand.