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There are a lot of drugs in the US. Count how many sewage pipes are in the US. That's how many illegal drugs are in the US.

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Q: How many illegal drugs are there in the us?
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Is a drug illegal?

There are many drugs that are not illegal and many that are.

How many kids in the US have tried illegal drugs?

I'd say.... 5 million...? I have... -.-

Who are the user's of illegal drugs in the US?

No offense but this is a dumb question. So many people use illegal drugs. Your best friend could be using them, your boss, your neighbot, you never know.

Are cartels illegal in the US?

Well considering that drugs are illegal then yes cartels are

What percentage of illegal immigrants smuggle drugs into the US?

About 900 thousand illegal imiigrants smuggle drugs ointo the u.s.Since absolutely no one knows how many illegal immigrants actually enter, and then stay, in the U.S. no one can ever know.

What is the number one US import?

illegal drugs and missiles.

What two problems confront the US along its southern border?

illegal drugs and illegal immigrants

How many teens die off illegal drugs?

Averaged 1400 teens in the U.S die from illegal drugs a year.

What was the US and Mexico war about?

Mexico was supplying drugs in US through illegal channels.

What are some drugs that are illegal in the US?

cocain canabish cristal meth

How many drugs are in the US?

A lot probably, scientist can test an entire sewage system now, total up the counts for each sewage system, and that is at least how many illegal drugs are in the U.S.