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A pool this size can hold up to about 5,250 gallons of water.

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Q: How many gallons of water does a 18ft by 9ft by 52in pool have?
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How many gallons of water in a 18ft x 4 ft pool?

7,600 gallons

How many gallons does a 18ft round 4ft high pool hold?

how many gallons are in a 18ft round 4ft pool?

How many Gallons of water in a cylinder 18ft wide and 4ft high?

approximately 5500.

How many gallons of water in pool 18ft x 18ft?

If this is a round pool that is 18 feet across and you fill it to 3 feet deep, the total volume would be about 5,735 gallons of water. Filling it to 4 feet deep will increase the volume to 7,646 gallons of water.

How many gallons of water does it take to fill a round 18ft pool that is 52 inches deep?

shall assume the 18ft measurement is the diameter, not radius. 18ft = 5.486m = diameter 52in = 1.321m = depth pi x radius(squared) = area of the circle pi x 2.243(squared) = 15.8055 meters squared area x depth = volume in meters cubed 15.8055 x 1.321 = 20.879 meters cubed 1 meter cubed = 1000L 20.879 meters cubed = 20879L 20879L is: 5515.648 US Gallons 4592.738 UK Gallons

How many gallons of water does a 18ft x 4 ft pool hold?

44.883 gallons for each inch of depth. (rounded) 538.6 gallons for each foot of depth. (rounded)

How many Gallons in 18ft pool?

Cannot be answered without knowing the length, width and depth.

How many gallons in a pond 22 ft long x 18ft wide x 3 ft deep?

Approximately 8,887 gallons.

How many gallons to paint a room 18ft long 14ft width 8ft high?

you strip it up and down

18ft equals how many yd?

18ft= how many yards

How many gallons is a 18ft by 33ft by 5ft pool?

18 x 33 x 5 = 2970 cubic feet 1 cubic foot = 7.48052 gallons therefore, your pool is 22217.1 gallons

How many gallons of water are in a 18ft by 52 inch deep pool?

Cannot be answered with only these measurements. For a rectangular pool, the length, width and depth are needed. For a round pool, the diameter and depth are needed.

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