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The average facebook user has about 120 friends.

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What is the number of friends per person on face book?

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Q: How many friends does the average person have on facebook?
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How many friends would the average person have on Facebook?

According to the Facebook Data Team, the average person usually has 120 friends.

How many friends an average user on facebook?

an average user has about 200 friends.

How many friends does the person that has the most Facebook friends have?


About how many friends does a single person have on Facebook?

This varies from person to person therefore there is no set answer.

Who has most friends on Facebook and how many friends on Facebook?

Facebook has a limit of 5000 friends. There are many ones there having 5000 full of friends.

How do people get so many friends on facebook i have 177 friends but some of your friends even have more then 1000 i even had facebook for like 2 years now so how do they get that many?

To get more friends on Facebook, you have to either "Friend Request" them or have a friend request sent to you. The person receiving the Friend Request must confirm that person, and the two become Facebook friends. The amount of friends you have on Facebook doesn't really matter. Many people that have many friends have requested friends of their friends that they don't really know or they have requested random people. I don't suggest doing that, because there are many predators out there. Anyways, I think having 177 friends is a great number.

How many friends does the average person have with a face to face contact?

40 friends

What is the average number of facebook friends?

100-900 some are lower some are above but average people have that many.

How many friends can you have on Facebook?

There is a limit of 5000 friends on a personal Facebook page.

How many presents does the average person get?

The average person receives about 18 presents.

How many friends does the average person have on Twitter?

The average Twitter user has 126 followers.

What happens If many people block the same person on Facebook?

He is just blocked cant do much and he wont have many friends.