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Q: How many empty beer bottles make a pound?
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How many empty 12oz glass beer bottles make a pound?


How do you make sentences with bottles?

Each holder is made from melting two recycled beer bottles.

Why do they make pony beer bottles?

Because people buy them.

What can pepsi do?

Make a tornado when the 2 pepsi bottles is empty

Why do plastic bottles make sound when it is empty?

because it feels like it

If 3 bottles for are full and 3 are empty how do you make them full empty full etc?

Stand them up in series, then alternate.

How much money would you get recycling a pound of beer cans?

It depends on how much a pound of aluminum is going for. The fact that they're beer cans won't make any difference.

What makes more cans or bottles?

It depends on the beer, but typically, yes. If you are talking the same beer from the same company, most of the time the price is going to be very close. Bottles are slightly more expensive to make, and cost more to transport. But the cost of setting up a machine to actually can the beer is very expensive, so most small breweries use bottles.

How much cider from one bushel of apples?

According to a spokesman from the Canadian Grain Commission one bushel of barley will make 490 bottles of watery beer. Canadians make about 410 bottles and Europe makes about 325 bottles from one bushel of barley.

Do they make schaefer beer in bottles?

Yes. All Pabst Brewing Co. Beers except Olympia come in bottles. I would imagine you can find it in NYC or North Jersey.

How many cans make a pound in 2007?

It takes 32 12oz soda cans, or 28 beer cans. Beer cans are heavier. (BUT !! Beer cans can be brought back to any liquor store for a refund same as beer bottles... What makes this a much better deal is that if you bring 28 Beer cans to a metal scrap yard, you will get about 1.00$ for ther scrap aluminum, but bringing them back to a Beer store you will get 0.10$ every can, if you add this up it equals 2.80$ therfor you make about 2.8 times more money...) Contributed by Rob Oneill

Where can plastic bottles be bought on a wholesale basis?

Plastic bottles that are empty may be harder to find in bulk. Most companies make their own bottles with their own materials. However you can buy just some regular water and drain it and use the bottles.