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Q: How many empty beer bottles make a pound?
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How many 16 ounce empty bottles make a pound?

Most plastic bottles weigh 1/2 oz. so you need about 32 bottles...

How empty pop cans make a pound?

127456 empty pop can make a pound!

How do you make sentences with bottles?

Each holder is made from melting two recycled beer bottles.

Why do they make pony beer bottles?

Because people buy them.

What can pepsi do?

Make a tornado when the 2 pepsi bottles is empty

Why do plastic bottles make sound when it is empty?

because it feels like it

How many soda cans make a pound?

How many soda cans make a pound depends on if they are full or empty. It only takes about 3 soda cans to make a pound if they are full. If they are empty, it will take about 45.

How much beer is made from 1 bushel of barley?

According to a spokesman from the Canadian Grain Commission one bushel of barley will make 490 bottles of watery beer. Canadians make about 410 bottles and Europe makes about 325 bottles from one bushel of barley.

If 3 bottles for are full and 3 are empty how do you make them full empty full etc?

Stand them up in series, then alternate.

Is empty a noun?

Not formally. It is an adjective, or a verb meaning to make empty. The related noun is emptiness. But the word "empty" is often applied colloquially to empty bottles or other containers.

How many plastic bottles make a pound?

Plastic bottles come in many different sizes, and the various types of plastic used to make bottles have different densities. Please be more specific.

Why is beer and wine stored in coloured bottles?

UV rays can make the alcohol go "skunky".

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How many empty beer bottles are in 1 pound?

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