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There are three major categories of Alcoholic Beverages: brewed, vinted, and distilled.

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10696969. exactly. plus or minus 420.

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a lot :/

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Q: How many different types of alcohol are there?
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Does drinking many types of alcohol get you drunk faster?

Yes, Drinking different types of alcohol does get you drunk faster because every alcoholic knows every drink holds a different amount of alcohol in it

Does rum make you mean?

No. Different types of alcohol have the same effect on you. It is a myth that different types of alcohol can have an effect on your personality.

Does ethyl alcohol kill dust mites?

Many different types of alcohol are poisonous to insects. Ethyl alcohol is commonly used to exterminate dust mites and other insects.

How did alcohol become a problem?

because people liked the taste of different types of alcohol

Drugs and alcohol legal names?

the legal name for Alcohol IS in-deed Alcohol. some people prefer beer, wine, and other things, but that is the different types of Alcohol. and there is different names for different drugs.

What are the different types of alcohol testing and not the ETG?

The five different types of alcohol tests are the following:urine alcohol tests (including the UTG urine alcohol test)saliva alcohol testsblood alcohol testshair alcohol testsbreath alcohol testsFor detailed information about each type of alcohol test, go to www.alcohol-test-info dot com

Are all types of alcohol are drinkable?

No! Rubbing alcohol is not meant for drinking. There are many types of alcohol used for cleaning wounds and sterilization that are poisonous to drink.

What are the formal names of alcohol?

Ethanol is the type of alcohol found in alcoholic beverages. There are different types of alcohol, such as wood alcohol, also known as methyl alcohol or methanol.

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