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It depends on the load and other factors but

a good measure is:

12 Gauge 28" barrel=151.50dB

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Q: How many decibels is a 12 gauge shotgun at the muzzle?
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Depends on gauge.

What is a 20 gauge?

a 20 gauge is a type of many shotguns but it is smaller than a 12 gauge but bigger that a 410. a 20 gauge is a good shotgun for all ages.

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Metal, wire, needles, shotgun bore? What kind of "gauge?" How many kittens in a rainbow?

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Most common sizes are .410 bore, 28 gauge, 20 gauge, 16 gauge, 12 gauge and 10 gauge. Note that .410 is the actual bore diameter forward of the chamber. See below for the meaning of gauge. There have been a much wider variety of bore sizes, especially back when muzzle-loading shotguns were common, since a shotgun that does not fire fixed ammunition can essentially have a bore of any size. There have been 8 gauge guns and even larger, mostly used by commercial hunters for killing sitting birds in large numbers. "Gauge," by the way, was originally determined by how many pure lead balls of bore diameter it took to make a pound.

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Yes, they have been made by many companies

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Numerous companies in many countries have made single shot 12 gauge shotguns.

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