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The earliest you can take the test is 2 weeks after sex.

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Q: How many days want to know pregnant or not?
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How many days after intercourse do you know if you are pregnant?

Hello there. You cant know that your pregnant accurately till you do a pregnancy test. A test will be accurate when your expecting your period. But if you want to know sooner, you can see the doctor for a quantative blood test which can be done 5 days after conception has taken place, and it will be accurate.

How do you have kids quicker?

Do you mean, how you can get pregnant fast? If you want to have a child soon, you need to know about ovulation so you would know when is the fertile days. This is the period where a female have a higher chance to get pregnant. There are many ways to know if one is fertile or not, thus it is important to know the different signs of ovulation.

How many girls get pregnant?

as many girls that want to, i know 4 people my age 16 that pregnant and 2 people who have had babys

Why do community midwives not wear a uniform?

Because not everyone who they visit want the whole street to know they are pregnant in the early days.

Can you get pregnant a few days after cycle?

Yes. You can get pregnant anytime. Always use protection if you do not want to get pregnant.

I am 17 i want to get pregnant?

i am 17 i want to get pregnant , how many times to have sex to get pregnant

Your period was two days late then only lasted three days could you be pregnant?

i want to know the answer to that question myself cause that same thing happen to me as well.

How long is a racoon pregnant for?

It ranges from 54-70 days, with the usual length being 63-65 days.10 months why do you want to know have a pet raccoon?

What if I am ten days pregnant and don't want to be what can I do?

See a doctor

You elected COBRA coverage and want to know how many days you have to pay the initial premium.?

30 days.

Can you still get pregnant couple days of your period?

If you want to get pregnant you have to wait until your period is over.

If You weren't pregnant but your period was 7 days late and you had unprotected sex then 2 days later you have a very lightspotting period Can you be pregnant?

Yes, it is possible. Go get a test. You can buy them at the store if you don't want other people to know.

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