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28 Days

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Q: How many days is a normal menstrual period?
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How many days can a normal menstrual cycle last?

A typical menstrual cycle lasts between three and five days, however the time period between two and seven days is typical as well. If a woman experiences a menstrual cycle lasting more than seven days, then she should seek medical attention.

How many weeks pregnant are you if you three days late from your period?

4 weeks and 3 days as long as you have a normal 28 day menstrual cycle. It could be less if you have an irregular ovulation cycle.

How many days after your period is your safe period?

There is no 'safe' period. Pregnancy can occur at any time during your menstrual cycle.

How many days after period do you ovulate?

When you ovulate depends on your menstrual cycle. You ovulate two weeks BEFORE your period, so how soon after your period you ovulate depends on how long your menstrual cycle is.

How many days are irregular menstrual period?

Irregular menstrual period means a period which is not a set number of days, it may be only a couple of days one cycle and then weeks the next. Irregular menstrual periods can also see irregular flow patterns so light then heavy one cycle, heavy all the way through the period of the next cycle.

How many days apart should your period be at age 16?

Everyone is different - the average menstrual cycle length is 28 days but yours may be longer or shorter, it is also normal in your teens for cycles to be irregular.

How many days is a normal mestrual cycle?

The average menstrual cycle is 28 days. Five days for the menstrual phase (when a woman's endometrium is being expelled, also known as a period), nine days for the proliferative phase (when the endometrium is developing), zero days for ovulation (when a ripe ova, or egg cell, is deposited from an ovary), and fourteen days for the secretory phase (when the endometrium continues to develop.

Every how many days should someone get their period?

A normal period can be 3-7 days long.

How many days late period is normal?

five to seven days is normal, but take a pregnancy test to be sure :)

How many days is period remains for healthy woman?

The menstrual cycle varies between women. It usually lasts between 3-7 days.

How many days after your last period can you become fertile?

When you're fertile depends on your menstrual cycle, you'd need to use fertility awareness method to determine exactly when you're fertile. During a typical 28 day cycle women are fertile from days 7-16 of the menstrual cycle, but again how many days after your period depends on your cycle.

How long do you have to wait till you get your next period?

usually you will get your period every 28 days but for some girls its sooner otmr at the end of the month. If its yor first or secind year of your period it wont come at a specific time it will be iregular hope.this helped