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This varies widely in different females. If you have a serious problem, it's good to see a doctor.

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Q: How many days before your period do your breasts hurt?
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Do your breasts hurt and get big before you get your period?


If your breasts normally hurt from ovulation to your period now period is due in 3 days and it doesn't hurt is that a sign of pregnancy?

Impossible to say.

My breasts have been aching for two days and they have never hurt before my period also stomach cramping a little dizzy what can that be?

You may have a breast infection. Check in with your doctor.

What would be the reason for your breasts to start hurting 4 days after your period and last 16 days?

am not really sure why your breast willl hurt you 4days after your period. because i experience pains before my period hoever, it could be signs of what you get during and after your period. but its best you consult ur doctor

What does it mean if your breasts usually hurt 2 weeks before your period but they do not hurt at all this month?

It can just simply mean that you have less estrogen produced during this period and so your breasts will not feel tender. It is perfectly natural so don't worry.

What does it mean when your Titties hurt?

My guess is that this is just before your period and that is normal for your breasts to hurt. If this is not true go see a doctor if it continues much longer.

Why does breasts hurt?

Your period may beggining or they are growing

Is it normal for breasts to hurt after period?

Yeah - it's pretty normal but if it never stops before the next period starts you may want to discuss it with a doctor.

What does it mean when your breasts hurt and itch?

either your about to get your period or your boobs are about to grow

Why do your breasts hurt before a period?

Breasts can become tender before menstruation as a result of hormonal imbalance, higher levels of estrogen can cause the ducts of the breasts to swell and become tender. This is a common symptom of menstruation but shouldn't be considered normal, it can be reduced by regulating hormones or if it continues you should talk to your doctor about the problem.

When do your breasts start to hurt if you are pregnant?

Usually right before your 1 month.

My breasts used to hurt before your period and you'm confused For the last 2 months they haven't hurt at all is there something wrong?

no nothings wrong with only hurts in the begginning or just sometimes.theres nothing 2 worry about