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He was born on March 1st (:

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Q: How many days are left until justin biebers birthday?
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How long did it take for Justin biebers tickets to sell out?

3 days

Is it possible for Justin Biebers birthday to be 2 days after mine?

Yes. If you were in fact born 2 days before March 1st 1994 You should be born February 28 1994 though unless you weren't talking exact date wise.

Does Justin Bieber's little brother have a girlfriend?

no Justin Biebers brother is only days old

What time does Justin Biebers new CD come out?

Justin Bieber's "My World" CD came out already but "My World 2.0" comes out March 23rd 2010 which as of right now is two days from now on Tuesday.

Did Justin bieber 17th birthday passed?

He turns 17 on MARch 1st in like 5 days.

Nora told her friends that there are a prime number of days until her birthday what could be the number of days until Nora's birthday A 63 B 79 C 87 D 91?


If it is 35 days until your birthday-how many weeks is that?

5 weeks

How many days until Justin Bieber's album come out in stores?

just a few.

How old is Justin biebers sister 2012?

She was born on may 30th 2008. So that makes her 3 years old. But i answer this question on may 15 2012 so in 15 days she will be 4.

How many days until January 12th 2010?

125 days from the 9th of september:) MY BIRTHDAY! meh.

How many days until your next birthday if its on the 26th of july?

25 Daya!

How many days until the Olympic games start?

It starts in June My birthday!