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united states

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Q: How many countries in the world have hydrogen bombs?
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How many hydrogen bombs is one solar flare equal to?

One solar flare is equivalent to billions of hydrogen bombs exploding simultaneously. Solar flares release massive amounts of energy in the form of electromagnetic radiation, particles, and matter ejected into space.

How many hydrogen bombs does Russia have?


Who many countries in the world have hydrogen?

All of them! (technically speaking) Hydrogen is the most abondent element in the universe so it's practically everywhere.

How many bombs were dropped in japan during world war2?

bombs, maybe a few millionatomic bombs, two

Haw many A-bombs did Britain have in World War 2?

Atomic bombs- Zero.

How many countries have atom bomb?

There are 8 countries with official ownership and control of atomic bombs: The US, Russia, UK, France, China, India, Pakistan and North Korea. There are 5 countries storing atomic bombs, but with ultimate custody for the bombs belonging to the US: Belgium, Germany, Italy, The Netherlands and Turkey. Israel is also believed to have atomic bombs. And Iran,possibly.

Why do countries use nuclear bombs?

Countries use nuclear bombs to pronounce dominance to the world and show that they are not to be messed with. They are also a quick, extremely hard blow that kill many and can end conflict extremely fast, like in WWII the United States dropped two bombs on Japan and very soon afterwards, Japan surrendered because the fear of more bombs had weakoned civilian morale and Japan could not take another hit like that.

How many bombs was made in world war 2?


How many A-bombs did the U.S. make in World War 2?


How many bombs were dropped on Glasgow in World War 2?


How many countries are they in the world?

There are 195 countries in the world.

Do they still use atomic bombs in war?

No, and lets hope not. There have only been two occasions when it was used. This happened in World War 2. They are still in the arsenals of many countries as a deterrant to war.