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Marriott Hotels and Resorts can be found in 54 different countries. The hotel brand is owned by Marriott International, which also owns a number of other hotel brands. Marriott International owns more than 3,700 properties in 74 countries.

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2013-07-10 22:05:13
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Q: How many countries does Marriott Hotels have hotels in?
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Does Marriott have hotels in Vermont?

There are Marriott hotels in Vermont. Marriott Hotels are chain hotels. Marriott hotels are nationwide hotels. They are well known hotels and there are many reviews on them.

How many hotels does marriott own?

Almost none. Marriott is the management company but does not own the hotels. There are a small handful of exceptions.

What are the rates at the Marriott Asheville Hotels?

They range from $150 to about $220 per night for one room. There are many hotels to choose from there is the Residence Asheville Marriott and also the Renaissance Asheville Marriott.

How many hotels are there?

Marriott International has nearly 37,000 lodging properties and 18 brands in 72 countries and territories.

Are there any five star hotels in Dubai?

Yes there are many such as the Marriott and Hyatt hotels. They have numerous locations for your convenience.

What company in Seattle has the most reliable hotels?

There are many companies that have reliable hotels in Seattle. The Hilton has very reliable hotels there. Also, the Marriott has very reliable hotels in the Seattle area.

Where are some Marriott hotels in Chicago?

There are many Marriott hotels that are located in the Chicago, Illinois area of the United States of America. The most popular Marriott hotel is located at 625 S Ashland Ave.

Where can one find more information on JW Marriott luxury hotels?

One can find a number of customer reviews of individual JW Marriott luxury hotels on Yelp. One can find reviews and contact details for many JW Marriott luxury hotels on both Expedia and Tripadvisor.

How can one book hotels online?

One can book hotels online from a variety of websites. Some examples of such websites include "Hotels", "Booking", "Accorhotels", "Marriott", and many more.

What are some famous hotels located in Greensboro?

There are many hotels located in Greensboro. Some of the famous hotels located in Greensboro are The Hilton, Marriott Hotel, Henry Hotel and Grandover.

How many Marriott Hotels are there in Scotland?

Four. Aberdeen, Glasgow, Edinburgh and Dalmahoy.

What type of hotels can be booked on the AA website?

There are many different hotels that can be booked on the AA website. Hotels such as, Hilton, Best Western, Holiday Inn, and Marriott can be booked on the AA website.

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