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How many coats of stain?

Each coat of stain is cumulative, so it depends on what color you start with & how dark you want it to be. A good on site finisher will start light & then add coats till they get to the color you want.

How many coats of clear finish is another question, but that is not what you asked.

The Rev sez Hope this helps

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Q: How many coats of stain on refinished hardwood floors?
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How do you get a juice stain out of hardwood floors?

The secret to getting a juice out of hardwood floors is to try to get to the stain before it sets into the wood. A water and vinegar mixture can be used to remove a juice stain from hardwood floors.

What do I use to clean heavy duty stains on my laminate hardwood floors?

Depending on how deep the stains on your hardwood floors. If you have a stain that is recent, you may be able to clean the floor with hardwood strip cleaner, if not then you may have to restrip the floor.

How do you clean a rabbit urine stain off of hardwood floors?

Try 5 different types of bleach and a lot of elbow grease. It worked for me.

Solid Hardwood Flooring vs. Carpet?

Hardwood floors are 100% more durable than most carpets. Also hardwood floors will bring more resale value to your home because of the lasting value.

What types of flooring are best for a house with dogs?

Laminate and tile floors hold up the best with indoor dogs. Hardwood floors can be scratched by sharp nails, and carpet tends to stain from the occasional accident.

Can I refinish my hardwood floors myself, or do I need professional assistance?

Sure you can refinish your hardwood floors. The task itself isn't a difficult one in the sense of skill required. It's difficult because of the hard work, and patience required. All you do is sand them down and apply your stain finish.

How to refinish hardwood floors?

Hardwood floors are all the rage in modern home design. They warm a room and can make any space look rich and inviting. Over the years, however, hardwood floors can suffer damage such as scratching and fading that can leave the floor looking dirty and old. When this happens, you will need to refinish your flooring to return its original polish and luster. Before refinishing your floors, you need to find out what kind of wood you have and if it can be refinished. Real hardwood floors come in two distinct varieties. The first kind of flooring is solid hardwood flooring. These floors are made of solid planks of wood which can be refinished many times throughout the year. The other kind of hardwood flooring is called engineered hardwood. Engineered flooring only has a thin layer of wood at the top so it cannot be refinished as often. Once you’ve determined that you can refinish the flooring, you will need to make sure that all the nail heads are even with the surface of the floor. After that is done, rent a floor sander from a local hardware store and purchase different grits of sand paper that will fit the sander. For sanding a hardwood floor, you will need to buy 36, 60, 80, and 100 grit sandpaper. 36 grit paper is the coarsest and will be used first, while you will finish with 100 grit sandpaper. Start sanding your floors with the 36 grit paper going from one end of the room to the other, making sure not to skip any areas. Once you have gone over the flooring with the coarsest sandpaper, go over it again with the next finest grit. Continue this process until you have gone through 100 grit. After you have finished sanding the floor, vacuum the area thoroughly and use a damp rag to capture all of the dust. Make sure you clean the surface well or the dust will show through the stain. After the surface has been cleaned, apply wood stain with a rag, going with the grain and starting in one corner of the room and working outward from there. Apply a second coat once the first one has dried. Finally, you will need to coat your floor with a polyurethane sealer that will help to protect the newly refinished surface. Again, apply the sealer going with the grain of the wood. Once the sealer has dried, you floor should look as good as the day you first installed it.

Do Not Use Metal Furniture On Finished Hardwood Floors?

If you have a wooden deck, you can use Tropitone patio furniture on it. However, you should not bring this same metal furniture into your house to use on your hardwood floors. The metal legs will scratch the finish on the floors. You will not be able to get these scratches out unless you are willing to sand down all of the flooring and then refinish it with stain or some type of varnish.

How do you match your exsiting hardwood floors with old ones?

If, You have a stain on your floor, match it with the same stain. If you're matching a natural wood look. Coat the flooring with the same type of finish, example: oilbase to oilbase, waterbase to waterbase.

What are the steps to refinishing hardwood floors?

First you have to prepare the surface, by cleaning it and removing any objects. Next you must sand the floor. After sanding removing the sanded particles. Then you must stain the floor.

How To Properly Care For Hardwood Floors ?

Hardwood floors can be a wonderful addition to any home. They are classic, durable and a beautiful way to bring out the natural beauty of your home without going over the top. Plus, hardwood floors last so much longer than any type of carpeting. That’s because carpets actually absorb dirt and become saturated with it after a very short period of time. Carpets are only new for a few days before the inevitable happens. Although hardwood floors are more durable than carpet, you still have to know how to take care of them so that you can keep them looking beautiful for many years to come. First, make sure when you get hardwood floors that you put soft carpeting or sliders on the bottom of all furniture that might potentially scrape across the floor. Hardwood is damaged very easily and is a hassle to sand down so by doing this you will be taking necessary precautions against these types of damages. In addition to that, you must decide whether you will stain your hardwood floors or leave them natural. Some stains can further serve to protect the condition of the floor which can be a wonderful advantage. In addition, stains can help the wood keep it’s conditioning longer which means that you won’t have to treat it as often for moisture deficiency. There are stains that are natural wood colored, so it is recommended that you use some kind of protective stain on your hardwood floors. All hardwood floors, because of their natural state, need to be conditioned and kept relatively dry. Most types of cleaners for hardwood are oil, not water, based. Water based cleaners will tend to warp your wood so make sure you avoid those completely. Instead, get oil based cleaner that will both replenish and clean your hardwood floors at the same time. As long as you avoid scratching and you make sure to condition your wood floors frequently, you will get many years of beautiful use from your hardwood floors. Enjoy the classic and timeless look of hardwood floors that you will be able to enjoy for many years to come in your home or business.

Can you varnish slate floors?

Not over the varnish, no. You have to sand the varnish completely off and then apply the stain. I highly recommend that you hire a pro hardwood contractor, because that is my profession, and I have seen many floors that a homeowner tried to sand themselves and ruined. The sanders that we use are powerful, and if you don't know how to operate them properly, you will do damage to your wood floors.