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50 without downloadable content 60 with it

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Q: How many characters are in Lego Batman?
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How do you download characters on Lego batman 2 wii?

how do you download characters on lego batman 2 on wii

What is a strong character in LEGO Batman?

they r a lot of strong characters in Lego batman but bane is the stongest

Do characters talk in Lego batman 2?

yup :)

What characters are going to be in Lego batman 2?


What are the last two bonus characters for Lego Batman?

The last two characters are the custom characters.

Who are the characters in Lego batman 2?

Most of the justice league

What customizable characters are in Lego Batman?

In the custom character creator can be used to create the following characters from the Batman universe:AzraelBlack MaskDr. Harleen QuinzelHuntressSpoiler

How do you unlock all Lego batman 2 characters?

finish the game

How do you get the last two characters on Lego Batman?

use cheat codes

How do you create bald characters in Lego batman 2?

not wearing a hat

Who is the coolest LEGO character in the world?

It's subjective, but many fans consider characters like Batman, Iron Man, and Harry Potter to be some of the coolest LEGO characters due to their popularity and unique abilities in the LEGO universe.

How do you change your character to any of the characters in the city on Lego Batman 2?

hold the button how you switch characters