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It depends on the weight or size of the corn cob. To see examples, please see the page link, further down this page, listed under Related Questions.

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Q: How many carbs in one boiled corn on the cob?
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How many calories in a corn on the cob white boiled?


How many carbs in a corn cob?

HOW MANY CARBOHYDRATES IN CORN ON THE COBHere is the carbohydrate content according to size for both fresh and frozen corn on the cob.FRESH corn of the cob:19 grams of carbohydrate in a very small ear (2.75 oz or 77g)22 grams of carbohydrate in a small boiled or steamed corn on the cob (5.5" to 6.5")26 carbohydrates in a medium boiled or steamed corn on the cob (6.75" to 7.5")29 grams of carbs in a large boiled or steamed corn on the cob (7.75" to 9")FROZEN corn on the cob:29 grams of carbohydrate in an ear (4.5 oz, 125g) uncooked19 carbohydrates in a half cup of uncooked frozen kernelsFor the free low carbohydrate charts and food lists, showing how many carbohydrates you should have in total per day, what foods to eat, and the Carbohydrate in Vegetables Chart, and the Carbohydrate in Fruits Chart, see the page links given below. Use the charts as daily guides for weight loss, or weight maintenance once you have reached your target weight.THE CARBOHYDRATE IN VEGETABLES CHARTTHE CARBOHYDRATE IN FRUIT CHARTLOW CARB FOODS AND HOW MANY CARBS PER DAY (for weight loss or weight maintenance)*Video: How to bake corn on the cob

Is it healthy to eat a raw corn on the cob?

It's not more healthy than say, boiled corn on the cob, but it's also not going to hurt you either.

How much sodium in a corn cob boiled?

One medium ear of sweet yellow corn contains 77 calories.

What can often can be described as on the cob?

Corn - as in "corn on the cob".

Does corn on the cob have hyphens?

Is corn-on-the-cob hyphenated?

What is the scientific and common name of corn husk?

sweet corn if it is off the cob and corn on the cob if it is still on the cob.

Which vegetable is often eaten 'on the cob'?

Corn, known as "corn on the cob"

What vegetable has ears like a cob?

Corn has an ear that has a cob.

What are the handles for corn on the cob called?

corn cob holderscorn picks

What is the head of maize called?

corn on the cob! hence why maize is sometimes called corn.

What food can be eaten 'on the cob'?

Sweetcorn is a type of food that can be eaten on the cob. It is commonly shortened to 'corn on the cob'.