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in 3oz there are 150 calories

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Q: How many calories in a lb of bone in ham?
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What is the cooking time in the oven for a 21 lb. bone-in ham?

what is the cooking time for a 21 lb. bone-in ham in the oven?

How long to cook a 20 lb bone in ham?

See the link.

How long do you cook a 9 lb ham bone in?

3 hours @ 325F

How do you cook a 5 pound bone in ham?

20 min per lb.

How many pounds in a serving of ham for 1 person?

If it is on the bone, the rule of thumb is a 1/2 lb. per person due to the bone and other waste!! No one will eat a 1/2 lb. at a sitting...

How many people would a 20lb spiral cut ham feed?

The number of people a 20 lb. spiral cut ham would feed depends in part on whether the ham has the bone in or not. A general rule of thumb is that ham will feed about four people per pound, or three if it has the bone in.

How long do you cook a 19 lb cured ham?

Cook the ham at 300 degrees for three hours. It will fall off the bone!

How long do you bake a 5 lb ham?

Here's the basic rule for baking ham: About 15 minutes per pound for a boneless ham About 20 minutes per pound for a bone-in ham

How many calories in a 16 oz T-Bone steak?

When cooked by overhead grilling/oven grilling/broiling there are 800 calories in a 16 oz (1 lb) T-Bone steak (lean only).

How many cups of chopped ham per lb of ham?

About 2.3 cups

How much ham per person?

Ham should be used in normal proportions, contradictory it could make problems with our health. Recommended amount of ham is: 1/4 - 1/3 lb. per boneless ham or 1/3 - 1/2 lb. per serving of bone-in ham.

How many servings will a 7 lb ham serve?

It depends on the serving size and whether it is boneless or not. If it is without bone, a 7 pound ( 112 ounce ) ham will serve 18 6 ounce servings.

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