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1 pound of body fat is 3,500 calories.



If you are meeting your daily calorie needs from food eaten than even just 1 liter of soda a day (4-500 calories) in addition to your food would be around 3,500 extra calories a week, or 1 pound of body fat gained per week.

You would gain around 50 pounds per year average from this.

That's why so many people are fat, only a few hundred calories extra a day and no activity to burn it off and you gain 50 pounds of fat a year.


And on that note:

Diet Soda doesn't help, it triggers the same insulin release as normal soda but since it contains no calories itself, the insulin goes and finds other sugar in the blood stream and stores that as fat instead. This is sugar your body might have been planning to use for energy. So you still end up with weight gain and now you have less energy.

Diet soda is even worse than the real thing if you are trying to stay healthy.

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Q: How many calories in a fat Ibs?
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