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Each slice of bread has 80 calories count 70 per slice for the cheese, for the mayo 1 tbsp is 100 calories and the bologna has 90 cal per slice, depends on how many slices of bologna you used, how many tbsp of mayo and cheese but those are the general values for those foods.

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Q: How many calories in a balgona sandwich on wheat bread with one piece Swiss shesse?
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How many calories in a ham and Swiss sandwich with mustard?

I'm not sure but that's been my favorite lunch for over 50 years

How many calories in a whole grain turkey sandwich with 1 slice of Swiss cheese and tomatoes?

Approximately 600- 800 depending on where you get it...

What is the Sandwich name starting from letter M?

meatball sandwich marshmallow and peanut butter sandwich mozzarella and tomato sandwich mushroom and Swiss steak sandwich misquite turkey and mayo sandwich marble rye, ham and Swiss cheese sandwich

How many calories in Swiss cheese?

Calories in Swiss CheeseIn Swiss (or similar cheese) there are:approx 57 calories in 1 cubic inch of Swiss cheeseapprox 105-106 calories in each ounce or 28g of Swiss cheeseapprox 371 calories in 3

Does fat free Swiss miss have calories?

Yes. Fat-free Swiss Miss has about 50 calories for a serving.

How many calories in Swiss and cheese croissants?

400 calories.

Which cheese has more calories Swiss or American?

Swiss and American cheeses both typically contain the same number of calories.

How many calories in Swiss cheese slices?

One slice of Swiss cheese has about 80-110 calories, depending on the brand.

A sandwich made of corned beef Swiss cheese and Russian dressing on rye bread?

A Ruben with out sauerkraut.reuben-sandwich

How many calories in Swiss Miss hot chocolate packet?

1 Swiss Miss hot chocolate packet is 138 calories.

How many calories in low fat Swiss cheese?

One slice of low-fat Swiss cheese contains about 50 calories, on average.

How many calories are in roast beef and cheese on a roll?

This varies a lot by cut of roast beef, type of cheese, type of roll, any other condiments, how much of each ingredient was used, and so on. As a basic benchmark, there are 480 calories in a roast beef and provolone cheese on an onion roll sandwich from Starbucks, 430 on an Arby's beef 'n' cheddar sandwich, and 750 on an Arby's Market Fresh roast beef and swiss sandwich.