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Q: How many calories does the average fifth grader need?
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How many calories should a fifth grader eat per day?


How many calories should an average 6th grader have at lunch?

A lot, you are growing.

How many inches should a fifth grader be?

There is no prescriptive height for a fifth grade pupil. Besides, the age of children in the fifth grade depends on the country in which they are studying.

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How do you make a fifth grader like you?

You can't make a fifth grader do anything. You shouldn't try to make anyone do anything. All you can do is be yourself, be friendly and enjoy all your friends. If the fifth grader in question has any sense, a friendship will happen. And if it doesn't happen, there are many, many people who you will get to have friendships with.

How old are fifth grader?

Typically about 10 years old. It depends on their birthday or how many times they've been held back. The average age is 9 to 11.

Would Justin Bieber date a fifth grader that's eleven year old that likes to sing?

Probably not. Many more better looking girls than a fifth grader. (No offence intended).

How many sides does a polleygon have?

basically a polygon is a shape with four sides adds by a fifth grader

How many calories does an average woman eat on average?

1,800 calories.

How many hours of sleep does an average 6th grader need?

I would say an average 6th grader would need about 8-9 hours of sleep i am a 9th grader and i get at least 10 hours of sleep.

How many days were in 1954?

365 days! =) -By a high spirited, happy fifth grader who's initials are SC

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