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A person of 125-174 pounds: 43 calories burnt every 10 mins 175-250 pounds: 65 calories burnt every 10 mins 250+ pounds: 94 calories burnt every 10 mins.

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Q: How many calories can you burn playing 1 hour of badminton?
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What exercise can burn 3000 calories?

Well, it's said that if you play badminton for an hour youl burn 500 calories, so if you play badminton for 6 hours you have your request granted.Any exercise can burn 3000 calories if carried on for a long enough duration.What_are_some_frequently_asked_nutrition_questions

How many calories does a hockey goalie burn?

depending on how much you weigh, how long your playing, and the intensity you're playing at, you will burn about 500 calories/hour

How many calories do you burn playing on the compueter?

Around 20 - 40 per hour

How many calories do you burn playing wii sports?

According to several websites, about 150 calories an hour on wii sports.

How many calories per hour do you burn playing gymnastics?

i dont know i was asking myself.

How many calories do you burn playing ping pong?

i am a qualified nutritioninst and i have read alot of different things regarding how many calories badminton burns, but, per hour for a peron of around 12 st and about 5ft 7in between 250 and 500 calories are burned depending on how competetive the game is. This figure will be significantly less if playing doubles. hope this helps.

How many calories do you burn when figure skating?

you burn about 346 calories an hour.....

Do you lose weight playing tennis?

Yes the longer and harder you play the more calories you'll burn. You burn about 15 calories an hour just sitting, so if your running around a court swatting a ball you probably burn somewhere around 600 calories an hour plus it builds up your metabolism which means you'll burn more calories sitting or sleeping. So YES you will lose weight playing tennis.

Can you lose a pound by playing just dance greatest hits for an hour?

No, but you can lose weight by dancing to music. You must burn 3500 calories to lose 1 pound. There is no activity that you can perform that will burn 3500 calories in 1 hour.

How many calories do hairdresser burn per hour?

Light standing occupations burn 150 calories per hour

Can you burn over a thousand calories in a hour if you are walk and running?

No. The maximum is about 550 cal/h and that is when playing tennis

How many calories are burned playing wii sports?

It varies based on what sport you are playing. Very active sports or ones where you are moving a lot can burn up to 200 calories per hour.