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Q: How many calories are there in 1 piece of bacon?
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How many kcal are in a bacon roll?

1 piece of bacon has 149 calories; roll is 144, calories so that is 442 calories in one bacon roll.

How man calories in a slice of bacon?

There are about 40 calories in 1 slice of cooked bacon.

How many calories in 2 eggs and 4 strips bacon?


How many calories in 2 eggs 4 strips of bacon and hash browns?

1 egg = 70, 2 eggs = 140 calories 1 bacon = 60, 4 bacons = 240 calories Hash browns = 200 calories

How many calories are in 1 medium slice of bacon?

Depends on the size, but a medium slice is about 46 calories.

How many calories in 1 strip of low fat bacon?

In Oscar Mayer bacon theres 30 calories in one strip and 145 grams of sodium

How many calories in a date square?

1 piece = 125 calories

How many calories in 3 pieces of fried fish?

A LOT! But if you know how many calories are in 1 piece, multiply that by 3, and there is your answer. Sometimes if you order 1 piece at a fast food place, they tell you the calories of 1 piece and then multiply THAT by 3.

How many caleries 1 piece of pork bacon?

The average price for a pound of bacon is $5.46. In the last 12 months, the price of bacon has risen 20%.

How many calories are in green beans with bacon?

Green Beans are 30 calories, bacon is 40 to 50 calories a slice, and then any additions into it (butter is 100 calories, salt and pepper are no calories, ect.).

How many calories in Syrian bread?

1 piece of Syrian bread has about 80 calories.

How many calories in 8 slices of bacon?

Depends on the kind of bacon, look on your pack for what a serving size is, then divide the calories in one serving by the number of slices in one serving. For example The bacon I eat (turkey btw, that's why the cal count is low) has 2 slices as the serving size, there are 84 calories in one serving so 84/2 = 42 calories in one slice.