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There is no universal answer to this question as preferences vary among individuals regardless of gender. It is important to recognize and respect that anyone, regardless of gender, can like any color, including pink.

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Q: How many boys like pink than girls?
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Is pink for boys or for girls?

Boys and Girls

Is yellow a girl coulour?

No,because even boys like pink and sometimes girls like blue.So,don't think only girls like pink.

Who decided at birth blue was a boy color and pink is a girl color?

boys like blue and girls like pink --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I'm a boy and I don't like blue. It's a color that both sexes can use even though it is given to boys at birth to separate them from girls. I think boys need a pretty color that girls can't use since girls have the pretty color of pink that boys can't use.

What are some of the generalizations often made about the way girls and boys think and behave?

Girls like pink, boys like blue, boys are stronger, girls are weak and puny. In my opinion, NONE of these are true.

Is the color pink for girls or for boys?

I would say for GIRLS and BOYS,but I say some girls and boys don't like pink. My dad likes black and red,so he's not that kinda preson.u cant really say cause some girls like pink, some like blue but some boys like blue and some boys like pink. so u cant say! It's just a color anyone can wear it! It doesn't really mater if it's a boy or girl color it's just a color and you can like whatever you want. :)

Is pink only for girls?

I know a lot of boys who have pink items of clothing, mostly shirts. I dont feel pink is only for girls, and blue is only for boys. Pink is for anyone! Edit by QuestionMan101. Pink isn't only a girls colour. No colours have a specific gender.

Do more boys like pink than girls and do girls like blue more than boys?

It really depends, there is no real factual evidence that answers your question.

What colour is hello Kitty's bike?

well you can get girls and boys. boys are blue with a bit of pink. girls are pink and white.

Why girls like pink and boys like blue?

Because pink is a girl color,and blue is a boy color,but only 60% of American girls like the color pink the other 40% like the colors purple,blue,green,and red

Why do baby girls wear pink?

It's because when we are baby boys and girls look alike so to tell us apart pink for girls and blue for boys.

Which puffels are girls and which puffles are boys?

Te pink apurple ones are girls and the rest are boys

What color do the most people like in the world?

For Boys: Red/Blue For Girls: Purple/Pink