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There are many variables: * The weight of the man is an important factor * How fast the beers are consumed will make a difference * The beer they are drinking will have an affect, there are beers available in most stores with an ABV alcohol content anywhere from 3.5 up to 4 times that much. * Whether the stomach has food in it or is empty changes the spped of absorbtion * The legal definition of 'drunk' varies from state to state. In general, a 200 pound man can drink one standard 12 oz beer (Miller or Bud) an hour and stay under the legal limit. Four beers in an hour will probably put you over the limit. One imperial stout could put you over the limit. Your best bet is to insure you have a designated driver to avoid legal consequences

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There are many factors involved:

How big is the man? The bigger, the more he can drink without being impaired.

How fast? One beer an hour and I could never get drunk. One beer every half hour and it would take me about six hours to build up to the legal limit.

What type of beer? I can sit and drink most American Lagers all day (see above) and not get drunk, but two doppelbocks in less than an hour could put me over the limit.

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It depends on the size of the woman, their history with alcohol, and the amount of food she has in her stomach.

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Q: How many beers does it take to make a grown woman drunk?
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