How many alcoholics in the US?

Updated: 9/27/2023
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Way too many to count. Any number that we are given will not count all the people that abuse alcohol. It's sad.

It varies wildly by ethnic group with western Europeans and Scandinavia having the lowest percent and Native Americans and Eskimos having the highest percent.

In the US in general it's predicted that 10-15% are alcoholics and another 10-15% are problem drinkers that may well become alcoholics. One of the reasons hard data is hard to get is because most alcoholic tend to isolate and lie about their consumption to everyone including themselves. Becoming active and staying active in AA is still the best method of getting sober and staying sober. Treatment centers can get you sober but upon release you still have the same problems in other areas of your life and thus the cycle starts once again. I know a lot about this subject since not only am I an alcoholic I study about it.

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Q: How many alcoholics in the US?
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How many alcoholics are in the US?

No one know the answer to that question. There is even lack of agreement as to how to define an alcoholic.

How many alcholics are there in the us?

Approximately 17.6 million people in the U.S. have alcoholic problems or are alcoholics.

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Many of them do, yes.

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The Canyon Club is a US based organization that supports recovering alcoholics. Their mission statement is to "support the recovery and rehabilitation of alcoholics".

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How many recovering alcoholics in the world?

20 millon

How many alcoholics are there in England?

Actual statistics are hard to come by, because many alcoholics do not cooperate with surveys. It is generally accepted in the treatment field that potential alcoholics (people who are likely to become alcoholics if they drink excessively) make up between 7 and 10% of the population in Western countries. Please note the word "if." A person who never drinks alcohol will not become an alcoholic, regardless of potential.

What has the author Alcoholics Anonymous written?

Alcoholics Anonymous has written: 'Survey of Alcoholics Anonymous in Great Britain 1991'

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There are many organizations that provide help for alcoholics. One of the most popular organizations that people recognize in conversation is Alcoholics Anonymous (AA).