How many addicts are there in the US?

Updated: 9/28/2023
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If one considers all the possible forms of addiction, including food addiction, addicts probably number better than half of the US population. It is impossible to state more accurately than that due to differing addictions and definitions of addiction.

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too many, probably a couple of million just for heroin alone

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Q: How many addicts are there in the US?
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24...that's why we call them addicts.

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Addicts relapse for many reasons. It could be because they are angry, hurt or sad.

Is there anything in chocolate that addicts us to it?

Sugar! our bodies crave it.

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Everyone died.

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How did medicine affect the civil war?

Well, it created lots of morphine addicts. Soldiers treated with morphine for the pain of their injuries usually became addicts. In 1898 Bayer began marketing of Heroin as a non-addictive morphine substitute, cough suppressant, and cure for morphine addiction. Many surviving civil war veterans that were morphine addicts switched to Heroin and became Heroin addicts.