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It will vary from hotel to hotel. The way they do it, is lets say they have 38 rooms in the WHOLE HOTEL to clean.

If there are 3 housekeepers for the day, then its 38 divided by 3.

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Q: How many Numbers of rooms that a housekeeper should clean in a shift?
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Is there a law about how many rooms a hotel housekeeper should clean per minute?

These are usually only local ordinances, and the local Heath Dept. would be the place for complaints.

What are the basic function of housekeeper personnel in hotels?

to make sure the rooms in the hotel are clean and stocked for the next guest.

Why should you keep your class rooms clean?

For Healthy atmosphere and sorroundings you need to keep your class rooms clean.

What is the definition of hotel room attendant?

A hotel room attendant is a housekeeper or maid. They have to maintain the cleanliness and overall upkeep of the hotel. They have to maintain the rooms, bathrooms, bedding, clean, and sometimes have to greet and deal with guests directly.

What is the different between chambermaid and housekeeper?

A housekeeper is in charge of a complete establishment eg a house or a hotel. A chambermaid is the person (woman) who cleans the rooms of a hotel. So the housekeeper will be the boss of the chambermaids.

What does NASA use clean rooms for?

Since clean rooms have low quantities of dust and other particles, NASA use clean rooms for sterile areas, usually for researching about bacteria, which are easier in them.

How are hotels organized?

Hotels are departmentally organised by groups such as front desk,housekeeper,rooms,resorts,transportation and food and beverage

Becoming a Housekeeper?

A housekeeping job is a great starting point for someone interested in working in the hospitality field. A housekeeper is responsible for cleaning rooms in a variety of businesses. Housekeepers are employed by hotels and motels, hospitals, nursing homes, assisted living communities and private residences.What Does a Housekeeper Do?A housekeeper has many tasks. They are responsible for making beds, cleaning bathrooms, vacuuming floors and stocking supplies. Housekeepers may or may not be charged with cleaning common areas of the building in which they are employed. Housekeeping is often a grueling profession but it is not without its rewards. A good housekeeper is sure to get promotions, raises and incentives. Many hospitality managers start out as housekeepers before working their way up the ladder.What Does a Housekeeper Make?Starting salary for a housekeeper depends largely on the business that employs them. A housekeeper at a chain motel typically starts out making about $10 an hour while a housekeeper at a major metropolitan hospital may make as much as $13 an hour. A private residential housekeeper in a wealthy area can make as much as $30 an hour. As a housekeeper gains promotions and seniority, the wages increase. A senior housekeeper at a hotel in New York averages $15.48 an hour.What Qualifications Should a Housekeeper Have?A housekeeper does not need any special qualifications or education. They should have a good work ethic and a positive attitude. As they are often required to work around the guests of the establishment, they should possess a cheerful demeanor and resolve to be as unobtrusive as possible.Housekeepers who wish to advance in their field may consider taking classes in leadership, management and business in order to make themselves more appealing to their employer. Occasionally an employer will help subsidize the cost of these classes.Housekeepers are a vital part of the hospitality sector. They keep guest rooms, hospitals and private homes clean, safe and comfortable. Although housekeeping is not a high paying profession, it is a gateway to better careers in the hospitality industry. A housekeeper who works hard and is willing to learn on the job is sure to go far.

How hotels are departmentally organized?

Hotels are departmentally organised by groups such as front desk,housekeeper,rooms,resorts,transportation and food and beverage

What do maids do in a Inn?

Clean rooms mostly.

How did medieval servants clean the rooms?


What is the definition of sanitary facilities?

clean rooms