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A song is usually 8 MB big.

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Q: How many MB are in one 4 minute iTunes song to download?
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How do you get a song fom iTunes onto your ipod?

Download itunes to your computer and then download a song from itunes store to itunes then hook up your ipod and your done

How to download do the Jersey Shore song?

You can download the theme song from iTunes

How do you get the song you are in ssbb?

download it on itunes

Where could one download the song Suga Suga?

Someone looking to download the song Suga Sugar, covered by many artists, can do so from itunes. The site itunes website offers many different songs and music genera.

Where can one download the song When I See You Smile by Bad English?

One can purchase the song When I See You Smile by Bad English on iTunes. iTunes songs are high quality and have guarantees. After purchasing the song on iTunes, simply download it from iTunes on your computer.

Where can one download the song Top Black by TI?

There are many places where one can download the song Top Back by TI. The iTunes store is probably the most reliable source in which to download this song.

Can you edit a song on iTunes?

yes after you download it.

What website do you go on to download a song?


Where can you download the hamster dance song?


Where can you download Austin Mahone song?


How many megabytes does it take to download one song from itunes?

It depends on the quality of the song. It can range quite largely! :)

What happens after you download a song on itunes?

Once you download a song that you bought on iTunes to your iPhone, it's yours to keep. You can sync it with your iTunes in your computer and play it through there or burn it to a CD.