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At the moment, there is only Sydney. But soon there will also be a Greater Western Sydney team in the AFL.

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Q: How many AFL teams are there in the wa?
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How many teams were there when the afl and nfl combined?


What is the Melbourne AFL teams icon?

The Melbourne AFL team is known as the Demons.

Is the AFL a popular sport in Australia?

Yes. There are many Arena Football teams in Australia.

When was AFL named?

AFLas oranliey was called VFL because all the teams were from Victoria then once other teams came from Queensland New South Whales Northern Territory Western Australia that is why they called it AFL

When was the first AFL team put together?

The oldest of the VFL/AFL teams is Melbourne which was founded in 1859.

Teams with most afl and vfl appearances?


How many AFL games per season?

Each team in the AFL (Australian Football League) plays 22 regular-season games every year. There are 18 teams in the AFL, so the total regular-season games played in the league is 396. The AFL also has one pre-season game called the NAB Cup, the playoffs (featuring the best 8 teams) and the AFL Grand Final.

When did the AFL teams come into the AFL?

west coast 1987, Brisbane 1987, Adelaide 1991, fremantle 1995, port 1997 swans were already a Melbourne team but moved to sydney sometime in the 80s

How many AFL teams have bird mascots?

Only 5 Adelaide,Collingwood,Hawthorn,Sydney & West Coast

Is st kilda the best afl team ever?

no ... The most successful AFL teams are Essendon and Carlton, each with 16 Premierships

Did Hawthorn and St Kilda afl teams join together in 1987?

No they did not.

Which NFL teams went to the Afl after the merger?

Pittsburg, Baltimore and Cleveland