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You will need exactly 1013 bricks so unless you already included some overage in the sq. ft. I would buy 1100 so that you have extra for cuts, if you're planning to lay a more complicated pattern such as herringbone you might need even more. Hope this helps.

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Q: How many 4x8 bricks would you need to lay a 225 sq foot walkway?
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How many 4x8 inch bricks would you need to lay for 144 sq foot walkway?

Let's see here.... If you layed them without mortar between them that would be 18 bricks for every 4 square feet so your answer is 648 bricks.

A brick walkway measuring 3feet by 11 feet is to be built The bricks measure 4inches by 6inches How many bricks will it take to complete the walkway?


How many 4x8 inch bricks would you need to lay 104 sq foot walkway?

104 sq feet = 104*12*12 square inches which will require 104*12*12/(4*8) = 468 bricks.

How many 4x8 bricks to fill a 80 sq feet walkway?

For 80 square feet you will need a 360 4" x 8" bricks.

How many bricks are in a square foot?

It depends on the size of the bricks.

How many bricks in a 25x80 wall?

There are 6.27 standard bricks in a square foot. A 25x80 section of wall would require 12540.

How many 1 foot by 1 foot bricks would it take to complete a building that is 20 feet long on all sides and 20 feet high?

400 bricks

How many bricks used in one cubic foot?

It depends on the size of the bricks.

How many 3x8 bricks for a 10 foot by 4 foot patio?

About 240 three inch by eight inch bricks would be need for create a ten foot by four foot patio. It would be preferable to purchase another 24 or 10 percent more for wastage.

How many 9x6 inch bricks would you need to lay for a 20x20 foot patio?

you would need 12...

How many 80 pound bags of quickrete does it take to make a walkway 20 foot long by 2 foot wide?


How many cement brick per square foot?

3 cement bricks for foot