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Upadated answer: Winchester actually manufactured 53,738 Model 94s in the year 1941.

Winchester produced 48,883 model 1894 rifles in 1941.

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Q: How many 1941 Winchester wcf model 94 were made?
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What is is the age and value of Winchester rifle model 75 with serial no 13443?

the value of your model 75 Winchester depends on many conditional values such as amount of blueing left wood condition etc. but your model 75 Winchester was made in 1941.

How many Winchester Model 100s were made in the 284 caliber?

how many Winchester Model 100's were made in the .284 caliber?

How many Winchester bicentennial model 94 were made?

Winchester made 19,999 bicentennial model 1894 carbines.

How old is Winchester model 90-22 long rifle serial number 765338?

Your Winchester model 1890 pump action 22cal rifle was made between 1932-1941.Winchester skipped many serial numbers during the last years of production of this rifle.The numbers reached as high as 849,100,while actual production numbers were only up to 764,215 rifles made before they were discontinued in the year 1941.

How many winchester model 94 crazy horse 38-55 were made?

The winchester model 1894 chief crazy horse comm.was made by winchester in the amount of 19,999 guns.

How many Winchester model 62 a were made?

The Winchester model 62,and 62A were made from 1932-1959.The total production was 410,456 during this time span.

What is the value or rarity of a Winchester Model 40 12 gauge shotgun?

Only 12000 made between 1940 & 1941 then about 8000 recalled in 1950s. Not many working examples left

How many winchester rifles model 94 crazy horse 38-55 were made?

There was 19,999 guns made in this edition by winchester.

How many Winchester model 94 commemoratives were made?

Hundreds of thousands.

How many 64a model Winchester where made?

The Winchester model 64 and 64A were made from 1933-1957.There were 66,783 made during this time span.They were serial numbered in the model 1894 serial numbers.This model was reintroduced during 1972 and discontinued again in 1973.From 1972-1973 Winchester made another 8,250 rifles.

How many years were the Winchester 94 in 307?

The Winchester model 1894 big bore which is what model the .307Win caliber was available in was made from 1983-1998.

How many Winchester model 52 c made?

I can say that the total production of model 52 Winchester rifles were 125,419 from 1919-1979.There were 32 more made after 1979.It is believed that between 500-1,000 Winchester 52C models were made during the 60 years of production.