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It is best not to drive if you have any alcohol in your system. If you drink a unit of alcohol then it will take your body one hour to get rid of it. Thus how long you have to wait depends on how many units you have consumed.

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2015-03-08 01:22:53
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Q: How long you have to wait until you can drive again after drinking?
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How long after drinking 2 beers can you drive legally?

Actually, there is no time limit on when one can drive after drinking. There are different opinion on how long to wait while drunk before you can drive. It is always safe to wait until you feel you are no longer intoxicated.

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How long before you can drive after drinking alcohol?

You can legally drive when your BAC drops below .08. How long that takes depends on high high your BAC got.

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Do truckers drive again with a dwi?

Not for a very long time after their conviction.

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This depends on YOUR body! If you feel woozy or different after taking it DO NOT DRIVE until you feel NORMAL again. Some people can not drive on it at all. You should talk to your doctor about this to find out how other medications you might be on will react with it and how it will effect your body!

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