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immediately to confirm pregnancy with blood test and see how far along u r

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Q: How long should you wait to see a doctor after taking a pregnancy test and your test was posative?
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Will taking growth hormone make you have a positive pregnancy test?

This is something you should discuss with your doctor.

When can you take a pregnancy test after taking next choice?

After taking the morning after pill you should visit a doctor and take a test 2 weeks after.

What kind of pain reliever can you use during pregnancy?

The use of pain relievers during pregnancy is not recommended, and you should call your doctor before taking anything. However, Tylenol is usually okay.

Is it all right to take fiber pills during pregnancy?

I am taking Benefiber and it says right on the side of the container to ask your doctor if you can take this while pregnant. So you should ask your doctor.

What is the effect on the unborn baby if taking an aspirin medicine?

You should not take any medicines, drugs, cigarettes or alcohol when pregnant. If you are ill during pregnancy, you should go and see a qualified medical practitioner (a doctor) and only take what the doctor prescribes for you.

What is the risk of taking Tamiflu during pregnancy during the first trimester?

If you are unsure about anything you should always talk to you doctor. Tamiflu is only available by prescription, so you should tell the doctor that you are pregnant, and they will tell you whether or not it is safe, or if they will prescribe you something that is.

If you have been taking Doxycycline while taking birth control should your period be light?

I have heard that while taking antibiotics on birth control, if can weaken the effectiveness of your birth control, causing you to become pregnant. If you have worries, you should take a pregnancy test, or consult your doctor. Hope this helps.

How long after taking a pregnancy test should you take another pregnancy test?

2 weeks

What are safe medications for someone during pregnancy?

Tylenol has been known to be safe throughout pregnancy. As far as any prescribed medications, these should always be discussed with your doctor prior to taking during pregnancy. Many prescription drugs are not suitable for use while pregnant, so it's always a good idea to be cautious and discuss it with your doctor.

I missed my period so I stop taking loestrin birth control pills?

The instructions that come with your birth control usually tell you not to stop taking the pill. However, you could still be pregnant. You should take a pregnancy test or call your doctor for a pregnancy test just to make sure you are not pregnant. If you do not take your pill at the same time everyday or misses doses, you may be pregnant. Either way, you should call your doctor.

You were taking daflon 500mg and didn't know you were pregnant will that affect the pregnancy?

My doctor gave me Daflon 500,my periods is almost 11 days.My reports are normal should i quit the medicine or not.

What is a doctor that taking care pregnancy called?

A mid-wife is the nurse who takes care of you during a pregnancy, & checks the baby is healthy etc :-)