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about 3 to 4 months after you have the baby

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Q: How long should you wait to have a tattoo after having a baby?
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Can you tattoo without having a tattoo shop?

As long as you have the licence you can run a tattoo shop from your home. That is where my tattoo artist does her work

Why do you have to wait so long after having a baby to have a tattoo?

With every tattoo there is a slight risk of developing "ink poisoning". If you are breast feeding or pumping breast milk the poison can be passed along to the infant.

What hurts more having a baby or a tattoo?

Having a baby hurts more due to the fact that labor is a long process compared to the hour to two that it takes to get a tattoo. It really depends on your body. Some people have a fast labor and mild pain while others are in labor for a prolonged period of time.

How long should a shin tattoo sting for?

A tattoo which is on the shin should sting for a few days.

How long should you wait to tan after having a baby?

Hhahhahahaha you had a babyy??? bahahaha idn

If you've just delivered a baby how long should you wait before having another baby?

you should have another immediately to help populate this planet

How long can you use the same homeade tattoo ink?

You should not use "homemade" tattoo ink, it is not safe.

How long should it burn to pee after having a baby?

I'm not sure but squirting "the area" while urinating will help.

What does the tattoo say on Sal from Impractical Jokers arm?

weve come a long long way together through the hard times and the ggod i had to celebrate you, baby i had to praise you like i should

You want to get a tattoo on top of your new tattoo how long should you wait?

at least 2 months, the longer the better.

Do tattoo's pose a risk during pregnancy?

As long as you don't overdo it (remember, the baby feels the stress and pain, too) or tattoo your belly, it's okay.

How long do you bleed after having a baby?