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I waited about 3 months before I let my boyfriend finger me, partially because I wanted to move slower than I did in my past relationships. But whenever you feel like it is time or, you are ready then go for it. If she doesn't want you to she'll tell you!

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Look for the cues. As she gets liking it, she will help you glide the finger and also help you set the rhythm. Do not force it.

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Q: How long should you wait before you finger your girl friend?
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When you finger a girl why is there particles on your finger?

It could be discharge from the girl. Wash your hands before and after.

Should you be her friend before you ask her out?

If you feel more comfertable being her friend before you date, then you can. you shouldn't just ask a random girl out because you might not know a lot about her if you were her friend.

Should a girl finger a boy?

u get ur middle finger (because its the longest) and where the hole is that the penis goes into the vagina, place ur finger there then push into her and out The question was " how SHOULD a boy finger a girl " and NOT how a boy SHOULDN'T finger a girl, that is how you don't do it, unless you don't want her to let you do it again.

How should you finger your girl friend?

you should start of nice and slow and then build it up try licking it as well remember before you do it hard get her wet its her plesure as well rub her a lot and play with her clit

What is a finger bang?

This may sound horrible, but my friend told me that it is when a boy/girl sticks their finger up someones.... arse.... >.< I know, grose. But that's what she said.

What finger does a ring go on when you are asking a girl out?

When giving a ring to a girl it should be after a few dates and not when you first start dating her. When you do give her the ring it should go on her middle finger, but you can give her the ring and she can wear it on any finger she prefers.

How should a girl go about asking another girl out who is her best friend?

"Who's your best friend?"

What happens when you have a crush on a girl that another friend is hooking up with?

If her name is EE, you should never give up MN has nothing on you! I have been in this situation before, and the best thing to do, is to let her go. It will cause conflict with your friend and you may lose that person' friendship. Think of it this way: Do you want the girl? Or do you want the friend? Bro's before Ho's my friend......Bro's before Ho's!

You have got your old girl friend whome you didnt proposed before what should you do now?

Why would you propose to an old girlfriend?

Should you ask your friend before asking out a girl if he likes her?

Yes, you will fell more comfortable about asking her out.

Is it cheating on your friend if you went on a date and then you asked another girl out?

If you didn't break-up with your friend before asking the other girl out and that girl said yes, then you ARE cheating on your friend.

What should you get your friend for her birthday?

If your friend is a little girl around the age of 3-4 you should get he a doll. If your friend is a girl around the age of 8-10 you should get her a book or maybe a stuffed animal?