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it varies from ball to ball.

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Q: How long should a girl wait for a guy to call her after sex for the first time?
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What should you say to a girl that you have not seen in a long time the first time you call her?

lets get together

How long should it take for a girl to call you?

Hehe, 'A girl to call you?' It varies but yes, a girl will come to you Usually when your not busy, earning money, going out etc.

If a girl gives you her number how long should you wait to call?

First, make sure u know her well. And you should wait a day or two, or she'll get frustrated that u didn't call. But it's really your choice.

How long should you wait to call girl?

if it is after a date, and you KNOW it went well, call her right after...but if you think the date was awkward...but you like her, wait for her to call

How long should you leave it to call a girl after the first date?

Ten minutes is plenty long enough if you really, really like her and you think she really, really likes you. Ten years is NOT long enough it you both has a lousy time.

I gave a girl my number and i am waiting for her to call back How long should I wait?

you give her a week then drop her after that.

I gave a girl my number but she didn't call. How long should I waitand if she doesn't call what should I do?

she might have a boyfriend already, but there are other fish in the sea, so don't give up.

If you go on a first date and you like the guy but he does not call you should you call him?

That depends on how long ago the date was. In the first couple of days, you could probably wait. If after that, you should probably call him to let him know you are still interested.

How long does it take baoba to call you after you get your first items?

About a day or so or play 3 hours and he should call u

How should a girl do her hair on a first date?

it dosent really matter as long as it looks good

How long should a girl wait to contact the guy after a blind first date?

about one week

How long is it reasonable not to call a girl after a first date?

ANSWER. dont wait for more than a week or she might think your not intrested in her anymore take it from a girl who has been there and done that