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This song has been around since the 1500's!

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Q: How long has the happy birthday song been around?
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How do you say happy birthday my long time friend?

it's been a long time ,happy birthday.

How do you say happy birthday to our dear friend?

wish you a very happy birthday and may you live long

How long has howrse been around?

They recently celebrated their 5th Birthday if I remember correctly

How do you use cough in a sentence?

A: I think I'm sick because I have been coughing for a long time. I LOVE VOLLEYBALL

How long has Monarch Airline been in business?

Monarch Airline has been in business since June 5, 1967. Making today its 46th Birthday. Happy Birthday Monarch. It is the oldest United Kingdom Airline that has not changed its name.

How long will it take for a human to die from rat poison?

Happy Birthday!

Happy birthday in konkani?

what is konkani?Konkani is a language spoken by Goans. Goa is a state in India.the translation for "Happy Birthday" in Konkani is "Hanv Tuka kuxal bhorit zolmacho dis auvndetam"zolma divasache ullas tuka.

What is the meaning of 'many many happy returns'?

Usually said on your birthday. It is someone wishing you a long and happy life.

How long does food department require you to wash hands?

As long as it takes you to sing Happy Birthday! Try it!

How to wish many many happy returns of the day in Malayalam?

hridhyam narzham janmadinashamsakal

Wish you many many happy returns of the day?

Basically it means happy birthday and a long happy life.Usually said among hindu culture.

When are kids most happy?

On their birthday, long vactions, SUMMERRR, Christmas When they feel secure in their parents' love for them.