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roughly around 40 years

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Q: How long has miss piggy been around?
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What language other than English does Miss Piggy speak in The Muppet Movie?

Miss Piggy speaks pretend French. This means she uses a few words in French, and tries to make people think she's fluent.

Is mis piggy married to kermit?

The answer is yes, during the movie The Muppets go to Manhattan at the end of the movie Miss Piggy and Kermit did a wedding scene. As a part of their Broadway musical,but Miss Piggy gave Kermit and te viewers a hint noting the scence was their actual wedding.

Is Piggy a lower class person?

Piggy is the one boy who speaks in a manner which is noticably different to the other boys. He has a tendency to drop letters and miss out words. Piggy says things such as, "I'm sorry I been a long time. Them fruit..." Piggy has no parents and was brought up by his auntie who ran a sweet shop. The inference is that Piggy is lower middle class and probably a day pupil at a grammar school, as he shows some intelligence. Ralph by contrast, who's father is a naval officer who is often away on active service, is probably a boarder at a public school and is almost certainly upper class or upper middle class. Jack and his choir are presumably boarders at a cathedral choir school and members of the upper middle or upper class.

Trace the progression of roger's savagery in this chapter?

He begins by throwing a stone at Samneric but aims to miss. With this act, "some source of power began to pulse in Roger's body." (Pg. 175) He then throws rocks at Piggy and Ralph. In an instant he purposely dislodges the large rock that kills Piggy and, finally, he throws a spear at Ralph.

What page in Lord of the Flies do Piggy's glasses break?

During the confrontation on the mountain top, which takes places after the signal fire has been allowed to go out, Jack punched Piggy in the stomach. Piggy fell and his glasses came off, resulting in one lense becoming cracked. Later in the novel Roger toppled a large boulder from the top of Castle Rock. The boulder hit Piggy a glancing blow which knocked him off the cliff. Piggy landed on a flat rock in the sea with enough force for his head to split open and his brains to get spilled on the rock. In this incident Piggy's glasses and the conch were also smashed to pieces.Another answer: One lens of Piggy's glasses was broken as a result of Jack punching him but the rest of the glasses remained intact. Jack and two of his hunters stole Piggy's glasses during a raid on the shelters, so he didn't have them when he was hit by the boulder. At the end of the book the naval officer notices... A little boy who wore the remains of an extrordinary black cap on his red hair and who carried the remains of a pair of spectacles at his waist...