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If the piercing is done by a qualified professional body piercer then the discomfort should only last for a few moments until the jewellery is inserted into the piercing. Once the jewellery is in place you should feel just fine.

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Q: How long does your anti tragus hurt for after being pierced?
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How bad does an anti tragus piercing hurt?

Pain is subjective. It varies from person to person, but personally, it hurt a decent amount. Not as bad as my tragus, but still. Pretty bad.

Does a tragus piercing hurt?

I had my tragus pierced, and i can honestly say it didnt hurt. It surprised me how well i took it, because i normally wimp out! I dont have many piercings, ive got my belly button pierced, which also doesnt hurt! and just normal lobe piercings. But after having my tragus pierced has made me more confident to have other extreme piercings done, maybe i just take well to pain?But NO, the tragus doesnt hurt!! i advise you to get it done, NOW!! :)HOLY **** YES! Its like the worst one cause its thick..and they hav to put it in slow because they can stab the other side of ur ear...goodluck x.

Does it hurt when you get your tragus pierced?

Well, yes. It's thick cartilage so it's going to hurt a bit. Depends on your pain tolerance! Like many piercings, the pain is worth it :)

What hurts more reverse tragus or double tragus?

NO such thing as a reverse tragus. Do you mean an anti-tragus? Either way, a double tragus would probably seem to hurt more just because you would have to get two of them!They're both cartilage piercing and pretty much the same thickness. So its really hard to say for sure

How much does it hurt to have your tragus pierced and how much does it cost in the uk also how long does it take to heal?

I got my tragus pierced a few days ago. It kind of feels like a little 'pop' but it dosn't hurt at all. I could sleep on it the same day it was pierced and i havn't got any pain. If you decide to get it done make sure you clean it properley. A clean piercing is a happy piercing! ^.^ It cost $60 for me, different shops have different prices. It takes 6 - 8 weeks to heal. Good luck :)

Does getting your ear flap pierced hurt?

'ear flap' isn't very helpfull, youre either talking about your lobes,which dosent hurt,your cartlidge which dosent hurt if you get it with a stud gun,or your tragus,which kind of hurts,it must be done at your local,trusted piercer.

Does it hurt when you have your tragus pierced?

Not really. It's all a matter of how high your pain tolerance is really. It shouldn't hurt more than an ordinary cartilage piercing. Just make sure it's done with a needle and not with a piecing gun.

Does your belly piercing hurt worse the second time being pierced?

Piercings always hurt worse the second time because you are being pierced through scar tissue.

Does getting your tragus pierced hurt?

It is a little bit more painful than getting your cartilage pierced which is extremely thick cartilage. if you haven't felt that pain, I wouldn't advise getting it done. However, it is a super cool piercing!! :) good luck ;D

Does getting your cartaledge pierced hurt?

it does hurt if you get your cartilage pierced. It will continue to hurt for about two the four weeks after you get it pierced.

How bad does a tragus piercing hurt on a scale of one to ten?

Well generally it's about a 2 ( one being a sliver and ten being hit by a bus )

Does getting your belly button pierced hurt if you have your nose pierced?

No it doesn't hurt and I know this because a friend of mine had both pierced but it would hurt like the nose pierce