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Marijuana stays in an unborn baby's system for 60to 90 days. It has been shown that babies subjected to marijuana in the womb, have a higher intelligence level.

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Q: How long does marijuana stay in an unborn baby?
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How long does alcohol stay in unborn baby's system?

Alcohol will stay in unborn baby's system for the same period as it stays in mother's system. It stays for pretty long period in mother's system.

How long does hydrocodone stay in unborn baby's blood?

im not understanding why a pregnant woman would even be taking a narcotic pain killer while pregnant?! speak to your doctor ASAP because there could be a possibily that it is affecting the unborn baby. Thats like asking how long does alcohol stay in an unborn babies blood! SMH disgrace.

If you take methadone will your unborn baby be addicted too and how long would she need to stay in hospital?

Any drug you take while pregnant is harmful to your unborn baby. No matter how long she stays in hospital, you will have to live with the consequences for the rest of your life.

How long does meth stay in unborn baby?

This drug will show up in the system for up to one month. This depends on the amount in the system and when the child was born. You can be prosecuted for having this in your baby's system. Absolutely false. Methamphetamines stay in your system for 3-5 days, at the most. It depends on your personal metabolism.

How long does marijuana stay in your system if a baby eats your edible?

69 days, 189 if you're slender man

Does the father smoking weed hurt an unborn child?

No, a father smoking marijuana will not hurt an unborn child. The mother should do her best to stay out of the room, but the father smoking will not hurt.

How long can marijuana stay in a baby's umbilical cord?

It won't stay in the baby's cord. It will be in its blood for as long as it's in yours. DO NOT smoke while you are pregnant as the chemicals produced by combustion are dangerous to the fetus. Vaporize it or make edibles to avoid any risk of harm to the baby.

How long does cocaine stay in an unborn babys bloodstream?

as long as the unborn baby is inside the mother it stays inside.

How long does marijuana stay on your tongue?


How long does crack stay in unborn babies urine?

Long enough for me to know your a bad mom

Does marijuana stay in an unborn baby's system longer than its mother?

I'm a nurse, so I think this is f-d up... But even if I wasn't does anyone c a problem w/ dis ??? And FYI anyone who gives a crap. It's always the baby who suffers longer from any drug.

How long does marijuana stay in your urine in a person who does not regularly smoke marijuana?

About 15 days.