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35 years

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Q: How long does it take to lose baby weight after giving birth?
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You had the contracepton injection 2 weeks after giving birth and i was breast feeding does it still work?

As long as you are breastfeeding the baby, you can not get pregnant.

How long until hamsters start showing they are pregnant?

They start to show the baby bump a couple of days before giving birth.

How long can take giving birth between a baby hamster and another?

6 months 23 days 3 minutes and 34.4 seconds, but my hamster was constipated

Producing milk and your baby is 13 months old?

Many women continue to lactate for long periods of time after birth, even if they do not breastfeed their children. It can last up to 28 months after giving birth.

What are some long term goals?

giving birth

How long after giving birth can a cow be joined?


How big is a wolf cub?

They are about 8 inches long at birth.

What if your water breaks at 20 weeks can the baby survive?

No they can not. There has been a few cases in this world but in general no. The question was water breaking, not birth. Yes, your baby can survive. The hospital will put you on bed rest, repress birth with drugs and inject you with steroids to promote faster growth. As long as you can hold of giving birth for as many weeks as possible, there is a good chance the baby can survive.

What would be the weight of a baby toucan?

it would be about 5lbs in adult size in baby size its about 48 kil.

Will dogs lose their hair after giving birth and how long will it last?

yes dogs do lose their hair after giving birth and it would last proably for six months.

How long will a cow bleed after giving birth?

A cow shouldn't be bleeding after giving birth. She may have a torn uterus, so you'd better get the vet out ASAP.

How long before sheep can be bred after giving birth?

After 3 months