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Well im no doctor or anything but by from my understanding it takes 24 hours for your food to digest completely.So it depends on what food you eat.If its a donut it may occur when the digesting takes place in the body.

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Q: How long does it take for sugar to turn into fat?
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Does sugar turn in to fat?

Sugar is a fast acting energy source. Any sugar that is not used is stored as either glycogen or fat.

What will carbs do?

Carbs turn into sugar and that is what your body runs on for energy then it stores the leftover sugar and turns into fat, so if u take carbs out of your diet your body needs something else to run on. So it will start burning your body fat and turn it into energy.

How long does it take sugar to leave body?

It takes sugar three to four hours to process in your body. You either burn it, or it turns to fat.

How long does it take sugar to leave the body?

It takes sugar three to four hours to process in your body. You either burn it, or it turns to fat.

Why lessen carbohydrates when dieting?

Quick answer: Carbs turn to sugar , sugar turns to fat.

Is Powerade bad for you when you are not doing sports and why?

there's a lot of sugar in it, so if your not active sugar can turn into fat.... and we all know tremendous fat can do a lot of harm to your body

How much fat is there in a can of coke?

No fat just sugar that will probably turn into fat in your body. Before the body burns the fat it burns the sugar, so if there's lots of sugar the body wont have time to burn it all and get to the fat before you add more.

Does candy get converted to fat fast?

Any item containing man-made sugar(high fructose corn syrup, white sugar, powdered sugar, etc.)will quickly turn into fat calories. So, yes, candy can be converted into fat quickly.

What happens when you eat lots of food with high sugar and fat content?

You turn into Jake

Without exercise how long does it take muscle to turn to fat?

Muscles may shrink, and you may accumulate fat reserves if you consume and store more than you burn off, but those are two different processes.Muscles do not turn into fat. To learn more about this, search for [ protein turnover ].

How many fat grams are in one cup of sugar?

Sugar is 100% sugar, carbohydrates, not fat.

Does all food turn into either sugar or fat?

No, some is separated into oxygen for your body, some becomes protein/vitamin and minerals your body needs. Some also becomes fat and sugar.