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Q: How long does it take for different types of wood to start smoking using a magnifying glass?
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How long does it take to burn a paper with magnifying glass?

The time it takes to burn a piece of paper with a magnifying glass depends on various factors such as the intensity of the sunlight, the distance between the magnifying glass and the paper, and the type of paper. Generally, it can take a few seconds to a couple of minutes to start a fire on the paper using a magnifying glass.

Which tool is used to observe the tiny properties of a tiny object?

A microscope or a magnifying glass to start.

If you use a magnifying glass focus the rays of the sun could it make a fire?

Yes, if you focus the rays of the sun using a magnifying glass on a small and dry surface, such as paper or leaves, it can concentrate the light and heat enough to start a fire. This is due to the magnifying glass converging the sunlight onto a small area, increasing the intensity of the heat.

How can magnifying glass start a fire?

A magnifying glass can start a fire by focusing sunlight onto a small point. When the sunlight is concentrated into a small area, the intensity of the heat increases, eventually reaching a temperature high enough to ignite flammable material like paper, leaves, or dry grass.

How do you find pella?

here's the first thing to start the quest on horse isle you need to use your magnifying glass in her cave

How long to take a fire to start by using a magnifying glass?

Seconds - if the sunlight is strong enough, and the material used for fuel is dry.

How do you look up a phone number by name?

write the letter of the person's starting name and a little magnifying glass will appear and then you will have a list of names that start with that letter.

Which lens is best for starting a fire?

A convex lens like a magnifying glass is typically used to start a fire by focusing sunlight onto a small point, causing materials like paper or tinder to ignite. A magnifying glass with a focal length between 4-6 inches is generally considered ideal for this purpose.

Can you start a fire using a magnifying glass and a sunlamp or do you need actual sunlight?

Technically you could. The problem would be gathering enough of the light coming from the lamp. The magnifying glass fire starter works by condensing the light energy from the sun to a point. At a given energy density (depending on size of spot and lens diameter) combustible materials will ignite. The lens would need to be large enough to capture the majority of light coming from the sun/heat lamp and the focal length would be different and hard to achieve.

What does 'His specs-use them as burning glasses' mean in 'Lord of the Flies'?

A burning glass refers to a magnifying glass that can be used to start a fire. Different people use piggy's specs, piggy uses them so he can see. ralph uses them for rescue from the island and jack uses it for burning the island so the specs are used for good and bad!

How do you start a fire with a magnifying glass?

well you have to get good tinder like newspaper or old branches and then pick up your magnifying lens and hold it up to the tinder. Try to get the light as small as possible. Tip/if you try to do it at dusk it wont work noon or in the afternoon is the best time.

When children start smoking?

They shouldn't start smoking, but most start at adolescense. Now, I'm not telling any teenager to start smoking!!