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If you take 100mg pill, it will take about 72 hours to get out of your system.

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Q: How long does it take for celebrex to get out of your system?
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What pain killer can you take with celebrex?

what painkillers are safe to take with celebrex

How long does Celebrex stay in your system?

Celebrex is part of a large family of NSAIDs used to treat arthritis. While there are variables in play based on your particular physiology and genetic make up , but in general, 10 hours is the standard.

Can you take celebrex while taking Cabapentin?

No, it is not good to take celebrex along with Cabapentin

Do you take all 3 celebrex pills?

You should take only the amount of Celebrex pills prescribed by your doctor.

Can you take antibiotics with celebrex?

Celebrex in not an antibiotic!Celebrex is not an antibiotic. Celebrex is Cox 2 antiinflamatory. It is an antiinflammoary like ibuprofen and Motrin but does not work exacly like those two medications in our body.

Can Ii take celebrex while taking clindamycin?

Can I take Celebrex while taking Clindamycin? I need to take a pain reliver becasue of tooth pain.

What can't you take with celebrex?

According to WebMD, you can take nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory medications with Celebrex. Your doctor or pharmacist will also tell you additional medications you should not take.

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Should you discontinue taking celebrex prior to surgery?

I am having a elbow replacement. can I take celebrex and Tylenol before surgery<

Can a dog take celebrex for arthritis pain?