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It takes anywhere from a few minutes to several hours. YouTube recommends that if after 8 hours it has not uploaded, to delete the video or cancel the uploading and try again later. It has to do with the size of your video and uploading traffic.

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We do apologize for your inconvenience. As soon as the video goes live, it will be available for viewing. However, we are unable to provide any specific time frame for this. It may take a few hours or even a few days. We have no control over this time frame and further assistance is not available for this.

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Q: How long does it take for a YouTube video to process?
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How long does it take to upload a 312MB video on YouTube?

It may not work. It's too large for a Youtube video

How long does a youtube video take to up load?

A YouTube video is processed within 48 hours, with the time frame varying depending on the time of year; as the holidays come closer to the 48 hour period, YouTube will begin to process your video sooner. Once processed, you will receive an email notification , and your video will be online.

How To Make Youtube Take a 20 Minute Video?

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it's not about how long it takes just like e-mail you youtube friends to see your video and then they'll see then they will tell there friend and tell there friends until you get over 100 video comments Jennifer

How come the number of views stays the same even after I watch a video on youtube?

YouTube has to process the view. Can take a while, but for me, it is instant on my computer. iPhones are terrible with views. Takes forever.

Hoe long does it take to upload a YouTube video?

I have seen a lot of bloggers, content writers and video makers not getting much growth on their YouTube channel. Some of them have been regularly uploading their good quality content but it seems like nobody is watching those videos. So how to grow your youtube video views?

How long does it take to process a video on facebook?

as quick as your mom made me came on myself

How long does it take to process a video on Tumblr?

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Why do youtube videos take forever to uploed?

Usually it can be your internet connection, how long the video(s) are and how much KB/MB it is (:

In YouTube do people take your video and mix it?


How do you take off your video response on YouTube?

you can always ask the owner of the video that has the response

Should i take my video off youtube?

Unless your video violates the YouTube community guidelines or copyright laws, it is not necessary for you to take down your video. You may also set a video to unlisted or private if you don't want everyone to see it.