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There is no law requirng their use. After you get pregnant, I would assume you would stop.

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Q: How long do you have to take fertility pills to get pregnant?
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If you take feritlity pills when you can get pregnant will you still increase your chance of having multiples?

if i take a fertility pills when i got pregnant/

Are there pills to become pregnant?

no, you need sperm to get pregnant. There are, however, hormonal injections you may take (through your doctor) to increase fertility.

How long little blood comes before pregnant?

Can you take birth control pills and still be pregnant Can you take birth control pills and still be pregnant

Will you need to take fertility pills to get pregnant since your menstrual is irregular?

If you and your potential baby's father are young and healthy, I would wait on the fertility should learn to track your fertility using the basal body temp and cervical mucus methods...all easy to learn by reading....if after 6 months to one year of this not producing a pregancy, then maybe fertility pills, or fertility help of any kind would be helpful...good luck

Can you get pregnant on the implant if take fertility pills?

The implant is a highly effective method of pregnancy prevention. I don't know what you mean by "fertillity pills," but if you mean Clomid, a pregnancy seems unlikely with the implant in place.

Do you have to take the green pills if trying to get pregnant?

You should not take any birth control pills if you're trying to get pregnant.

What happens if you take fertility pills 2 years after tubal ligation?

I have had a tubal 5 years ago and i want another kid. Is it possible to have a heathly baby if i take fertility pills now? My tubes are only tied.

What is fertility treatment?

it is when you cannot get pregnant and the you will have to take drugs so that you can have babies and fall pregnant

Is there any pills to get you pregnant?

The pills alone will not get you pregnant but you can take fertility pills that will make you more fertile. It will also increase your risk of having a multiple birth such as twins, triplets, quadruplets, etc. You should see a doctor first to see which one of you have a problem so you get the right medicine. Dealing with extra hormones etc should always involve a doctors expertize.

Do prenatal pills help with fertility?

some people may claim that, but no. Although it is a great idea to take them before u even become pregnant for the health of the baby! So great job if u are!

Can you take niacin pills if you are pregnant?

No,not during pregnancy

You have to take the?

You have to take the pills as directed. If it comes with two pills, then you must take both for the treatment to be effective, or you could become pregnant.