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Q: How long do sperms stay in women?
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How long does sperms stay in the lady?

8 hours or until she a bath

How long do sperms stay alive after you ejuctlate?

up to 7 days in utero

Can you not have a period and still have kids?

Yes! Because the sperms will stay in you as long until your next period (learned this in bio class XD)

Can a boy made the women pregnant if he daily releasing sperms?


Can a woman pregnant herself?

No it takes sperms and women don't have that.

Can women drink sperms in islam?

according to Islam No, it is Haram (banned)

How long can sperms stay out of the body?

Seminal fluid dries out very quickly when it's outside the body - and once it's dried, the sperm die almost at once.

Can a girl release her sperms by fingering during her periods?

Women don't release anything. The man release sperm because we have the egg. Most women become more wet when orgasm hit but that is it.

Why some body sperms out quickly may b 50 sec or 1 maint what can they do the sperms come out after 5 maint or 10 maimt.?

50 sec of sperms is long maint time but 5 maint or 10 maint isn't long as 50 sperms witch is longer than 40 sperms but maint bigger then 10 er 15 maint sperms. i for1 tend to maint for 5 sperms because i doesnt thnik a ppl can even maint for 50 sperms. doez this anser your askin me?

Do Aquarius men stay in long lasting relationships with scorpion women?


How long do women stay angry or annoyed for?

usually for a few hours.

Do the men know if a women release sperms?

Women do not have sperm. They only have eggs. The male releases sperm when he ejaculates.